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Parent Taught Driver Education

What- is- Parent-Taught Driver Education?

The PTDE (Texas Parent-Taught Driver Education) course at www.parenttaughtdriversedtexas.com ensures that a teen who is homeschooled can be instructed by their legal guardian or their parent for the driver education of the teen. The PTDE course requires that both driver training behind-the-wheel and the classroom instructions online be completed.

The Course is approved

The PTDE course we offer has been permitted by the Department of Transportation Texas (DOT). The course ensures that a legal guardian or a parent can become the legal driver education instructor for their teen. The PTDE requires that online classroom instructions as well as driver training behind-the-wheel be completed.

The Benefits for the Parents

  • You can instruct and teach the teen about the Texas DOT-permitted driver education course, which is engaging, interactive and fun.
  • The first 6 hours of the course become absolutely free for your teen.
  • Places you in control of the driver education of your teen.
  • Offers you and your teen with a convenient and cost-effective method of taking driver education.
  • Provides you and your teen to practice driving exercises behind-the-wheel.

The Eligibility Requirements for Parents

These are some of the eligibility requirements that need to be fulfilled by all parents:

  • Must be the legal custodian/guardian/parent of the teen
  • Must be teaching private instructions to the teen in compliance with Texas law
  • Must have taught their teen as a teacher in the previous year
  • Must have a driver’s license that is valid
  • Must not be a driver education instructor if you hold a temporary restricted license or a moped license
  • The driving record over the past 2 years must be absolutely clean
  • Should be living with the teen