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Common Questions on Canoe Lessons

No. The course only gives the right to parents (or custodians or legal guardians) who are currently offering home-schooled education (lawful private instruction) to their children in order to perform the parent-taught driver education.

Am I eligible to conduct the parent-taught driver education if my child attends private school?

No. Only parents who provide home-schooled education are eligible according to the law to perform the Kayak Trails. Those who have enrolled their child into an accredited private or public school will not be eligible.

What is private instruction?

Home-schooled education is generally regarded as private instruction.

What are the requirements that the teaching parent needs to meet in order to perform the driver’s education to their child?

A teaching parent that is qualified and has also provided home-school education to their child in the past year and also has an Online driving license that is valid, other than a temporary restricted license (TRL/work permit) or a motorcycle-only license, which allows unaccompanied driving and a driving record that is clean during the past 2 years.

What qualifies for a clean driving record?

A clean driving record will mean that during the past 2 years, the driving license of the parent was not revoked or suspended. The parent was not suspended for any habitual violations and they have no convictions of moving traffic violations, which have been determined to cause motor vehicle accidents.