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The Viking Canoe Club meets each month on the second Monday of the month, excluding January. The annual trip planning meeting to schedule Viking club trips to different rivers. If you would like to help design a great trip schedule for the club come on out. The Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) has made it mandatory for all teenagers who are applying for their driver’s license for the first time to complete the Driver’s Education program in order to become a part of the graduated driver’s license (GDL) program.

In the WI Driver’s Education program, you will be taught the necessary skills and knowledge, which is required to pass the DMV road test and become a safer driver. This page will provide you with all the relevant information about the driver’s education in Wisconsin, how you can acquire your unrestricted driving license and how to complete the course.

What is the Wi Driver’s Education Course?

The Wisconsin Driver Education course from www.wisconsinfailuretoyield.com/right-of-way-course.html will offer you to dismiss right of way citation and become your instructor for driver education, in the event that you’re a student who is homeschooled. The online driver education will require that you take both the driver training behind-the-wheel as well as follow the instructions in the online classroom.

It is an Approved Course

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) has approved this online education course and permits the legal guardian or the parent to instruct their teen on driver’s education. The online course will require that you take both the instructions of the online classroom as well as the driver training behind-the-wheel to complete the course.

The Benefits of the Course for Teenagers:

There are several benefits for teenagers who take this course, and they are:

  • The complete approved failure to yield course WI can be taken online
  • You can qualify for the intermediate license
  • Learn how to drive while enjoying the fun animations and games
  • Learn exercise for behind-the-wheel driving that are easy and simple
  • One step closer to your driver’s license